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By stimulating the weaker side of the brain you allow it to become stronger, thus improving overall performance both mentally and physically.


Eyelights can be used by anyone since everyone has one side of the brain that functions at a higher level than the other.


Eyelights are being worn by children with learning disabilities in order to keep them more attentive and focused in the classroom.


Athletes are wearing Eyelights to increase performance on the field or to push through a plateau.


Anyone can wear Eyelights to deal more effectively with stress, depression, or neurological disorders.


Let Eyelights take you Beyond Limitation.


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Eyelights For Learning. Sports. Life.
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"My family has the good fortune to play at Augusta National Golf Club each Thanksgiving. This past Thanksgiving was particularly enjoyable due to my extremely low scoring of 76-77-74 playing from the "Master's Tees." I have not gone that low at Augusta for 15 years. I attribute the vast improvements in my game 100% to Eyelights. They have miraculously improved both the accuracy and distance of my shots. What a pleasure it is to be hitting mid-irons into those famous Par 5's. Eyelights will soon revolutionize professional and amateur sports."

Carl Wolfsberger

Real Estate Developer from Dallas, TX

Eyelights were designed to provide optimal stimulation to the brain using the optic nerve.


Glasses designed with flashing lights built to fit behind the lens, they can be programmed to blink on the non-dominant eye in order to strengthen the weaker side of the brain.


Since one of the most direct avenues to the brain is via the eye, a child can learn more effectively if they are seeing correctly. And an athlete will perform better because the eye is able to gather all of the information necessary to perform.

Eyelights for Learning
Eyelights can drastically improve mental concentration as well as help children overcome learning disabilities such as Dyslexia and ADD. 

Eyelights for Sports
Whether you are trying to shave off a few seconds from your best time or just find a way to reach that next level, Eyelights can help you achieve a higher level of performance. 

Eyelights for Life
Our environment is constantly causing our bodies to break down, whether from chemicals, water, air, lights, or foods. Eyelights can help you deal more effectively with life's frustrations and stresses.

Eyelights System Therapy

Expolore the colors that can offer you more control

Eyelights come with the original classic lens design and are suited for learning and mental function.

​​Most Valuable Tools Ever Developed


"I have been using the Eyelights in my own private practice and in my Brain Balance Centers for over a decade. I believe that especially when dealing with developmental brain imbalances it is one of the most valuable tools ever developed. It is especially great for severe issues such as autism and or younger kids when getting them to do active exercises are almost impossible. This is a simple, effective and passive way to powerful stimulate the brain in a very specific way. I recommend a pair to every patient young or old."

Dr Robert Melillo

Co-founder Brain Balance

Author Disconnected Kids

Adjunct Professor National U for Health Sciences

Co-founder and President Emeritus International Association of Functional Neurology and Rehab 

Eyelights Classic

a great way to start improving

your life

Eyelights Classic

a great way to start improving

your life

Find Your Color

get the advantage of more radius coverage

Eyelights Colored Lenses

Color has various therapeutic effects on the body and can be received through the eyes in order to stimulate a particular organ or system.


Research shows that some colors can stimulate certain bodily enzymes to be 500% more effective.

It has been found that 87% of reading disabled children showed an improvement in comprehension when reading with blue filters.

In some patients who have suffered strokes, color has successfully eliminated paralysis and helped to restore normal body function.

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